Wednesday, December 06, 2006

This really sucks!

We're down in Atlanta to visit Marc's mom before he starts his new job (because we usually visit for her birthday in January, but he doesn't get to take vacation for six months after he starts the new job). We got in late last night (yesterday being his last day at the old job), so this is our first full day here.

This afternoon, things took a bad turn. As we finished lunch, Marc's mom got her foot caught in her chair and fell to the floor. Long story short, she fractured her femur, just below the head (where it fits into the hip). So she's having surgery tomorrow to have screws put into it. This kind of excitement no one needs!

It's a little after 11pm, and my beloved, his sister and I are at the hospital, keeping her company and harassing the staff. They're actually pretty attentive here, but a little harassment at the right moments can be helpful. :-)

Marc's mom was in a lot of pain earlier, so they gave her morphine. That made her nauseous, so then they gave her anti-nausea meds and that knocked her out.

She woke up a little while ago. So what did this thin little lady really want to eat? A chocolate shake. So Marc and I went to Steak & Shake and got her one of their fabulous shakes. Fortunately, they're open 24 hours a day.

Now she's telling us we all need to go home and sleep. We, on the other hand, plan to take turns staying here with her. She's pretty thoroughly incapacitated, so we don't want her to be alone.

I'd be more bummed about this, but there's a "glass half full" side of this. If she'd been alone when this happened, she could have been lying there for hours. The outcome could have been far worse! So it's good we were there.

Now I just hope the surgery goes smoothly tomorrow. Your good thoughts and prayers would be appreciated!


Tuna Girl said...

Awwww. Sending good thoughts her way!

Lee said...

Eek! So sorry to hear that! Hope she quickly heals!

MattInTO said...

That does indeed suck. Thoughts are with her for a speedy recovery!

CoffeeDog said...

Sending good thoughts. If you guys have find yuo have time, call us, we'll go for a quick bite to eat. We'll even come to the hospital to see ya if need be!

Alan said...

I hope the surgery goes well today, and also pray for a speedy recovery.

Andy said...

Oh no! My mother was suffering from a swollen disc, so she was propped up in bed the entire time I was visiting last month; she didn't even make it to Thanksgiving. It sucks when stuff like that messes up vacation plans.

How were the Georgians with a couple of 'mos hanging around the hospital?

PatCH said...

Oh dear. Hope all goes well and that she recovers quickly!