Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The rest of the Ogunquit trip

Okay. I've milked the Ogunquit thing long enough, I suppose, so I'll just post all the rest of the photos now. Well, except for the orgy photos. I can't have those getting out! ;)

Our lunch on Sunday again brought us to Perkins Cove. At lunch, these silly boys couldn't help but be a little goofy.

The view to the south. Well, I think that's south. I'm not 100% certain, but I suppose that's not important now.

It started raining again, so they lowered the clear plastic flaps they use for bad weather. Then the rain got heavy, and this bee came in and spent a while drying himself off, working furiously with his little--what are those, anyhow? Feet? Paws? Probably not.--whatever they are to get the excess water off.

More views of the beach at the hotel.

And on the inlet side.

Our balcony with a view of the inlet side.

Speaking of the balcony, have I mentioned the antics of Patrick and Greg? The sex was just nonstop. Don't they ever sleep? We sure couldn't sleep much with all of that noise! On the balcony, in their room... it didn't matter. They're worse than any newlywed couple! I can only imagine that the headboard in their room was splinters by the time they were done!

So where were we?

We went for coffee (and hot chocolate) at a local coffee shop. It was nice. Again, lovely views.

Aren't they an adorable couple?

The beach in front of the hotel.

The hotel

Isn't he resourceful?

The dunes

Back at the hotel that evening, there was drinking! *gasp* Here we see Patrick playing a game where a wine cork is thrown and he catches it in a cup. Clearly, he's trashed!

Like I said. Trashed!

But still doing work, the poor thing.

Chris models the bottle of "3 Blind Moose" wine. This is what one drinks when one gets wine from the Cumberland Farms store in Ogunquit. BTW, isn't Chris cute?

Marc on the bed.

Hmmm. Speaking of that, I should wrap this up soon. I just thought of something else I want to do this evening! ;)

Next morning (before leaving for home)... breakfast at Bintliff's. FABULOUS! If you go to Ogunquit, go there. The breakfast was amazing.

The perpetual conversation piece.

Patrick entertains the table.

Someone at our table (someone who is repulsively trim, by the way--so it sure wasn't me!) got this for breakfast. For scale, take note of the fork and spoon. One doesn't go away from this place hungry!

We stopped on the way out of town, so Marc could do a little more antiquing.

On the road home. New England really is lovely (not that you could tell from this photo).

Leftovers from the industrial days. Much of this apparently has been turned into a senior residence or some such.

We stopped at a Shaw's supermarket on the way, because they don't have one near us.

Why Shaw's? Because someone told us our dogs would like "Zen Puppy" treats, and Shaw's carries them.

These signs reminded me of a friend of ours.

Another random shot of the road.

One last stop to see the tailor.

That last one? That's the hotel corridor. We use a Korean tailor who flies to the US, goes to certain cities and rents a hotel room at each stop, so his clients can go see him. His prices are great, and the quality is excellent.

Okay, so that's the trip. Hope I didn't bore you to tears. Now I'll go see if I can jump Marc! ;)


Wanton Wonton said...

those are great pics! i'm glad you had a good time. :)

Jess said...


PatCH said...

Ai-yahhh, Jess.


Lovely pics, the little comment notwithstanding. ;-) said...

i absolutely love these pictures. that really show so much about life from so many different perspectives, etc. love it! :)

Crash said...

Great photos.

Jess said...

Thanks, guys!