Friday, September 22, 2006

A pretty good day

It was a relatively calm day at work. I even got to leave a bit early, and then I went over to see how Patrick was doing. I'm happy to say he's doing great. Okay, the morphine seems to be helping, but he looks good. He doesn't have that post-surgical pallor that some have. He really looks great, and he's in good spirits. So that really made my day.

In other news, my laptop computer is back. It had some issues, and now it has been fixed. The problem is that one of the fixes required the replacement of the hard drive. They gave the old one back to me with a card for a place that rescues data from crashed hard drives. The prices on the card make me wonder if it's worth it! I really just want my Quicken data. Everything else either got moved to the new desktop PC before the laptop crashed or is stuff I can live without.

On that note, time to go see if Marc is interested in being molested! ;)

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Will said...

I remember a couple of occasions when I came awake gently around three or four in the morning to discover that I was being ever so quietly and delicately molested. Because I LIKE that sort of thing, the molestation got kicked into high gear pretty quickly thereafter.

Good times--good times.