Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A few odds and ends

Lots of other people have already mentioned it, and there's sure been plenty of press coverage. I'd only add that, while I wasn't a big fan of Steve Irwin, it sure was sad to see an apparently decent guy lose his life in such a sudden way. These things happen every day. His death is only different because of his fame and the rare manner of his death. That aside, it's still sad to see any decent human being perish, so I'm sorry for his passing.

I got an e-mail invitation (from someone I never heard of) to join the "Zionism News Network" today. Apparently, it's a strong pro-Israel group that shares anti-Israel news stories. While I support Israel--and wish the hateful Iranian president and all like him who call for whole nations and peoples to be wiped out would just disappear--I don't know that I need a focused, daily dose of the worst the world has to offer. I'm all too aware of what's going on.

There was a third thing I was going to mention. Now what was it? My advancing senility, perhaps? Geez, I need more sleep! :)

Hope you're all well! Keep your heads down, kids. It's a crazy world!

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Tuna Girl said...

Awwww. You made me homesick for New England. And even for Cumberland Farm's cheap gas and Shaw's bakery.

The beaches look very Cape Cod-esque. And I want to buy that house in the second photo. I better get a job. ;-)