Sunday, January 08, 2012

Dog baths

I'm a little late on posting these, but the New Year brought both birthday celebrations for the eldest and youngest members of the pack, as well as baths for all three of the kids, since the weather was warm enough that we weren't concerned about any residual dampness in their coats when they'd go out a few hours after their baths.

We'll start with the birthday girl, Bernice, who turned 14 this year...

This is before she got brushed out, so she still has some stray undercoat pieces marring her beautiful black fur

She's looking pretty good for 14, isn't she? We're worried for her and know she's much older than the vet thought she'd ever be, but we have to take comfort in knowing we've done well by her and she still has a good life!

This doesn't quite capture it, but 12-year-old Mandy gets very poofy after a bath!

Actually, Mandy gets poofy and very smooth. When freshly cleaned, her fur is so soft, it feels like a mink coat!

Mandy can be talkative, and this was especially so after the bath!

Someone wound up in a cone, because he wouldn't stop trying to groom the "stink" of shampoo off of himself!

Last but not least is a photo of Mandy that really captures her mood after a bath. Ears down, sad looking face... In fact, we were considering a little work in Photoshop to add numbers to make this look like the complete mugshot that it really is...

Well, at least this shows some of the poofiness!

Seems like we should have the Dragnet announcer, saying, "Mandy T. Dog was tried in Department 187 of the Superior Court of the hamlet of East Meadow and convicted of kibble theft in the 3rd degree. She's currently serving a 15-minute timeout on the couch."


Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

Ohhhh how I love seeing them! I will tell you that both of your girls look WAY younger than their years. In fact, Ellie at half their age (as of yesterday!) appears much older thanks to her rapidly graying face. I'm sure their youthful appearance (all three of them) is owed to the wonderful care and life full of love provided to them by their awesome daddies. :)

Jess said...

Thanks, Pua. I don't know how much is our care and how much is luck. I know you bust your butt taking care of Ellie, and she couldn't have a more loving home!

CJ/Rick said...

That is a beautiful pic of Mandy!

Jess said...

Thanks! She's a beautiful girl! But then I think all of our kids are beautiful! :)