Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Closing in on the new car

As you may recall, I'd previously mentioned that I've been car shopping. The Lincoln MKT was a serious contender, but since that time we learned more and decided it wasn't a fit.

So now we get back to one of the other finalists, the Ford Explorer. Happily, the more I learned about the Explorer, the more I wanted one. I even have a probable color picked out, so I can tell you it probably will look like this:

We'd both sat in Explorers in a couple of dealers (have to shop around to see what you can leverage in a final deal!), so we knew it was comfy for driver and passenger (vital for our long drives). The features and technology--and everything else about it--we liked a lot. That left the test drive.

We took that test drive on Saturday. Wow, we were impressed! What a nice ride! It doesn't have quite as much speed as the Infinitis we have now, but it's still plenty of get-up-and-go (the Infinitis are silly fast--not that I was complaining). The Explorer has more than enough power for those highway on-ramps and passing needs.

So now I'm doing the "I'm not in too much of a rush" thing with the salesman. Can't seem too anxious! His numbers already are far better than the other dealer, but there's always some room for sweetening the deal. Still, I think this is the one, and I feel like a kid waiting for his birthday present! :)

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