Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Last night, we stayed out quite late. It was for a good reason. Our friend Jerry Dixon was doing a holiday show, with the help of others, including his partner (and a man we're also privileged to call a friend), Mario Cantone.

Jerry has performed on Broadway, and he has the voice to carry it off. He was amazing, as was every guest singer who joined in, among them Tony Award winner LaChanze--she was amazing. Words can't begin to do her justice.

A real surprise was that there were a number of Jerry's colleagues from the entertainment world in the audience, and he got them to participate in some amazing riffing near the end of the show. The whole thing was just a joy.

The tough part was that the show didn't even start until 9:30, and this was a "school night." By the time we got home, it was about 1am. Then the night got to be even more wonderful, as my husband was in full-out honeymoon mode. Far be it from me to pass up on that, so we were up much later. It all was worth it! Wow, was it worth it! ;)

But now I am tired. And, of course, I had a meeting after work tonight.

Speaking of that (and I was thinking I was going to end the post a few lines ago, but then I remembered this part), last week the LI GLBT Network held a town hall meeting after the NY Senate defeated the marriage equality bill. At the town hall, I got up and spoke. I really don't have the energy to really try to recap all of what I said, but it went really well. I got a round of applause and people congratulating me when I went back to my seat. Fast-forward to tonight...

Tonight's meeting was a group of lawyers and judges I belong to. One of the presenters at tonight's meeting is a lawyer who was at the town hall last week. I asked him about what he'd be presenting, and he said, "whatever I say tonight, it can't begin to compare to your speech from last week." I felt so proud. Wish my Mom could have been there! :)


Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

If I had read this last night, I would have said; "Oh you kids...putting us old marrieds to shame with your honeymoon antics."
HOWEVER, without so much as a night out on the town to get his libido moving last night, my hubby decided to partake in some merriment. Happy am I.

Oh, and you and I both know that your mom WAS there when you spoke the other night. :) Well done.

Will said...

"full-out honeymoon mode" is one of the most elegant ways of putting it I've ever heard!

I've had the opportunity of seeing Mario Cantone on stage in Sondheim's Assassins--what a dynamic performer. He's really something else. He was just becoming established on the TV show Men in Trees when the network pulled the plug on it as well as on everything else of real interest (Eli Stone, etc) they had on the schedule. Reality shows went on in place of the fallen. Oy!

If you have a moment, stop by the blog and take a look at our tree. XOXO to you both!

ATG said...

First off let me say...boom chicka wah wahhhh. ;D

And yay for you speaking at the town hall meeting...I'm glad someone is speaking and I'm glad folks noticed. :)

ATG said...

BTW, is Mario going to be in SATC part 2?