Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Recap of recent fun

Since I have been such a bad blogger lately, I'll go back and share a few things I missed. One recent bit of fun came a little under two weeks ago. I had some friends from work over for a Friday night party. At the same time, our friends James and Ademil came out to join us and stay for a couple of days.

Friday night was a blast. As we expected, my work friends and my non-work friends hit it off beautifully. The only issue was the eventual complaints of a couple of the straight girls from work because James and Ademil (both of whom are hot guys!) are far more interested in each other than they've ever been in any girl. Sorry, ladies! They're on our team!

On Saturday, we went out to the North Fork for some wine tasting and a nice lunch, and then we headed back here, stopping to food shop on the way. As we did, the guys went into a party store to buy some birthday decorations for yet another friend who was joining us that evening. Cesar (the birthday boy) and Bruce joined the four of us, and we had a lovely dinner, followed by James' homemade flan for dessert. Great stuff!

On Sunday, we took James and Ademil to Robert Moses State Park for some time at the beach. Recent storms appeared to have taken their toll on the beach. Even if it was high tide when we were there, that didn't really account for how short the beach seemed. I guess it's time for the Corps of Engineers to come fix it (every so often they send a dredge to recapture sand from just offshore and pump it back up to the beach).

So how about some photos from that lovely weekend?

James and Ademil at our favorite Winery, Pindar Vineyards

By the way, James (in red) is about six feet tall, so that should give you an idea of what a big, strapping boy Ademil is. (Did I mention that they both play on the rugby team, too?)

James borrowed my camera and took this photo of Marc and me

This is a shot of Cesar, taken at a recent match (I didn't take photos at dinner)

Just sharing these photos was a fun reminder of a great weekend with friends. Perhaps I'll post some beach photos another day! :)


Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said... are so right. That picture of Mandy is really stunning. I mean, I just want to reach out and touch her.

Also, I couldn't help but smile when I saw the pictures from Pindar. I feel special because I've been there with you too. J & A are scrumptious and James took a lovely picture of you two.

I cannot wait to get back to LI to see you because spending time with you and Marc is spirit-filling and so good for the soul. Honestly.

Patrick said...

That Mandy photo is amazing! And I too had a wonderful time when we went to Pindar as well. The winery should give you two a commission. Or at least frequent flier miles.

ATG said...

Handsome men with handsome friends. I need to come visit to bask in the beauty...tee hee.

Jess said...

All of you are welcome to visit again, you know!