Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rugby photos

I know, I know. I'm barely doing anything with the blog, other than posting rugby photos. I'll try to be better! For now, though, how about some more rugby photos? These are from last weekend's match against Brooklyn.

These aren't the most fabulous shots, but I'm happy to have gotten even decent shots. It was nasty weather. Aside from trying to protect the camera from water, the light was too low to get the kind of shutter speeds and depth-of-field I really need to get good stuff. So anyhow, here we go...

Isn't he handsome? That's our friend JR.

Our buddy Andy got some ribbing about this one--not only is it a high tackle, but it looks like he's trying to choke the guy!

The good thing is that Andy has a good sense of humor--he made that one his profile photo on Facebook.

Okay, that will do for now!

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