Thursday, April 09, 2009

I think I'm in love with an Iowa senator :)

Okay, maybe not love, but I do admire what he said in response to legislative efforts to overturn the Iowa Supreme Court's decision on marriage equality (the video is embedded below).

I've already drafted a letter to him (I think actual paper with a signature says so much more than e-mail), thanking him for this. Regardless of his political affiliation, what he has done is a wonderful defense of equal rights. I think a letter of thanks is well deserved!


Joey7777 said...

Sending a letter is always important. Supposedly they consider that every letter represents the views of a couple thousand people (who just didn't get around to writing).

Jess said...

Joey: the letter went out a few weeks ago (right after I posted this). I certainly hope it conveyed to the Senator some small measure of appreciation for what he did and is doing.