Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A productive day to cap a fabulous weekend

The weekend was great. Without getting into the sordid details, I'll say that this was one Valentine's Day (and weekend) that really was terrific. For two guys who usually have no interest in celebrating this particular holiday, that says a lot!

But far more important than the weekend fun was today's visit to Marc's surgeon. As you may recall, Marc had some delicate ear surgery done about four weeks ago. Today, the surgeon did a follow-up and loved everything he saw. Marc's healing has gone extremely well, and his hearing is progressing well.

After that good news, we had a very busy day today. We made one shopping stop in Manhattan, since we were there anyhow, then we rode the train back out to the Island. Once here, we stopped by the house, then took a lens to Nikon in Melville, because it isn't working right. It's an expensive lens, so I can't just chuck it because it stopped working right. Unfortunately, the folks at Nikon told me the repair would be over $300! But I really don't have a better choice, since replacing the lens would cost a lot more.

After that, we came back here to pick up Bernice and take her to the vet. It may be time for her teeth to be cleaned again (they told us to hold off when she was there a few months ago, since they weren't quite dirty enough at that time), plus she has a lump on her chest (long-time readers of this blog may recall that she's had lumps removed before... she's our lumpy girl) and a hot spot that she won't leave alone.

The vet who saw her today (it's a multi-vet practice) thinks she has a heart murmur, and that's something new. Something like that is a worry, of course. He wants her to come back Saturday to see if he stills hears it then (apparently, these things can be transient). If it's there Saturday, she then has to go for an echocardiogram, so they can decide if it's safe to put her under to remove the lump from her chest (and clean her teeth, as long as she'll be under).

On top of that, he doesn't like the feel of the lump. He says it doesn't move as freely as a lipoma should, but we're not going to worry yet. She's had a very similar lump before, and it was fine. It had to be removed, but it was harmless.

All in all, not the best visit (and vet stuff makes the lens repair look cheap!). So we go back Saturday, and we'll see what happens from there. Bernice is only 11 years old, and all of our dogs have been told we need them to live in good health to at least 50 or so, so this crap has to stop! *sigh*

So our weekend was fabulous, Marc is doing well and the day was productive, but Bernice's status is a worry. Life goes on, but I hate for one of our pups to have more issues. I sure hope it all works out well, because one of our pups having health issues is crushing.


Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

I'm so glad Marc's progress is going well. Tell him to wrap a scarf around his head to protect his ears! Gosh I sound like a mom.

My best thoughts I send for Bernice's good health. I know how hard it is to watch your baby have health issues. We went through complete hell with our beloved Shanahan (Feb 2005). I will keep you (and she) in my prayers that whatever she has, it is minor, or nothing at all, and she will have many, MANY, more healthy happy years with you.

tornwordo said...

It started out so positive and then descended into pooch worries. I hope the pup improves by the weekend.