Monday, February 23, 2009

If they owned American cars, I'd be worried

This brief story on tonight's NBC network newscast apparently is meant to raise concerns about the people who will be helping to oversee the attempts to rescue the Detroit automakers, because they don't own American cars (and some don't own cars at all).

So why am I supposed to be concerned? They aren't blindly taking their business to American companies when better quality is being offered elsewhere. And some apparently manage to get by without driving a car. *gasp* Probably commies! *insert eye roll here*

Honestly, I'd be more worried if they drove Cadillacs. Then I'd have to question their judgment!


Footed Pjs said...

The sad thing is that a bailout for the auto industry is just a stop-gap. Ford and GM need more than money to turn their business around.

Jess said...

Footed: Quite right. I really think Chapter 11 bankruptcy would do them a world of good. Let them go through a full-tilt, court-monitored reorganization, hopefully with all new management when it's done, so they can go in a new direction.

The Japanese car companies manage to make high-quality cars right here in the USA, so it can be done. American workers are capable of turning out top-quality products. The problem with the Big Three (with thoroughly corrupt help from the UAW) is that they've been so poorly run and short-sighted for so long that it's almost too late to salvage them.

Greg said...

It doesn't matter whether or not they drive cars, ride their scooters to work or rollerblade. I'm more concerned with their ability to actually do the job given to them.

ATG said...

At least they don't drive Hummers.