Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy for friends but sad, too

A break from trip photos to note a sad evening. Actually, I should feel happy, because two dear friends of ours are heading off on a new, exciting part of their lives. I should feel happy, but I guess I'm too selfish. These are dear friends we love, and they're moving far away. Not to the other side of the planet, just to our neighbor to the north, Canada.

It's far enough that we can't just grab dinner with them. These are people we cherish in our lives.

Speaking of just grabbing dinner with them, we had a lovely dinner in Manhattan to say farewell. Certainly, we'll see a lot of them in the future, just not as much as we'd see with them nearby.

Life must go on, and I must snap out of this. I know great new opportunities await them in their new home, but I'm going to miss them. So, Matt and John, I'll be happy for you (and, of course, always want the best for you), but just give me a little time to mope first. You're too dear to us for this to be easy!

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Wilde said...

From the Duomo to the Como. (I resist the obvious rhyme about HOMO...) Looks beautiful --