Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Back to the trip photos

Okay, so when we last left our heroes, we were on Lake Como. So let's pick up where we left off and make landfall at Bellagio (not the one in Vegas!)...

Looking up a main shopping street. I'm not sure if "street" is even the right word. Path, perhaps? Whatever you call it, it's steep and has many stone steps that take you past lovely little shops.

Looking along the waterfront.

Marc shops for ties in Bellagio. Lots of nice silk there!

After Bellagio, we got back onto the ferry and went to Tremezzo, so we could visit Villa Carlotta. Villa Carlotta is a palatial property built into a hillside (everything's hilly there!) with stunning gardens. Not everything was in bloom, or at its peak, when we visited, but I guess you'd have to stay there all season to see everything bloom. These photos will give you some idea of what we saw there...

See the bee? If I had an audio recording, you'd hear that he actually buzzes in Italian!

I would have loved seeing these azaleas in full bloom. These bushes are HUGE, and they must have been quite a sight at their peak!

I think this must have been a guard dog. As you can see, he's very fierce looking!

Marc shows some shots to his mom (he got some good ones!).


Andy said...

Okay, I am now officially embarrassed about the lame-ass photos I blogged of Fort Tryon Park in the spring. That garden is unbelievable!!!

Sangroncito said...

Love the flower photos.
I need to do what you do...upload and show the photos after the trip, instead of spending a fortune at internet cafes and doing it during the trip!

Jess said...

Andy--we had to go a long way to get the shots! So I think Fort Tryon Park has a lot going for it! (And I like the photos you put on your blog!)

Sangroncito--Another advantage is that it lets me keep the trip alive. As I post photos, I can remember each little part of the trip, so it's fun!