Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Here we go again!

I try not to complain about work. What's the point? We all have our headaches and challenges. But if you're wondering about the title of this post, it refers to something I've been through once or twice before in my career.

My job is soon going to disappear. It's a long story, but after over 6 years with this hospital network, they've decided they need to do cutbacks and they can live without me. I was just promoted from my hospital VP job to a corporate position a few months ago. At the time, I knew that might not be good. They have a well-known history of moving people to corporate and then moving them out. In my case, the position was brand new. So when they decided to make cuts (because they're losing huge amounts of money), I figured this was a major risk. "We didn't have that job before this year. Do we really need it now?"

So I have a couple of weeks left, and then off I go. Knowing it's coming, I've been reaching out to contacts and floating my resume for jobs that look interesting. I have one place that actually looks like a good place to work with a job I'd enjoy. I've been through a telephone interview and an in-person interview by a panel of five management people from that organization. It seemed to go well, and I hear I'll make it to the next round. But I also have no idea how many other candidates are going to that round, too, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

So maybe I won't be unemployed for long, or maybe this will go on for a while. But this is why Marc and I are careful with our money. Yes, we have our trips and enjoy various fun things, but before we get to such "disposable income" things, we set aside money for savings, make extra payments on our mortgage, etc.  Friends may think we spend all we get, because we try to splurge on friends (like the barbecue we're doing for our Gotham rugby mates this weekend), but we actually are pretty careful. So if I'm out for a while, we'll cut spending and be even more careful, and we should be okay for a while!

With that said... think good thoughts for me!


Greg said...

All good thoughts coming your way, my friend. May you have just enough time between gigs to freshen your soul.

Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

First, I'm sorry. It sucks. But, I do admire your attitude about this. Reminds me so much of Charlie, who has been laid off, over our 33 years together, 7 times. You're right, life does go on and I know you'll be okay. Still, it does suck, and as always, I send good and loving thoughts your way.

Jess said...

Thanks, Greg! No telling how that will play out. But some downtime would be nice, I suppose. Just hard to relax and enjoy it with financial worries!

Pua, thanks. This would be my third or fourth time (depending how you count them) in 21 years. I was worried this might be coming when we were in Sedona--there were signs already--but there was no point going on about worries. All that does is drag everyone's mood down! So I kept it to myself. Still, while we do try to have fun with friends and not save every penny, we are pretty careful, so we can get by for a while on one salary if we must. I know you know what that's like!