Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bernice & Mandy touched the hearts of everyone they met

We knew that Bernice and Mandy won over everyone they met. Our girls were special. I know everyone feels that way about their dogs, but people who had met them would go out of their way to ask about them and it was clear to us that they really made a great impression and brightened the world.

Now, a sympathy card from the vet can ordinarily be seen as their standard procedure, but I don't think it's standard for it to look like this...

Go ahead and click on that photo, so you can read those notes. If what really matters in life is how you touch the hearts of those around you, then there's confirmation of just how special our girls really were!


Luuworld said...

such cute dogs you have :)

Jess said...

They were cute. Sadly, they both died this year. It has been a very hard year.

They were beautiful, wonderful girls. We still have our boy, Dodger, but the loss was huge!

Thank you for the nice words.