Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Goodbye, Mandy!

Not even six weeks after losing our beloved Bernice, we've now lost our other girl. Mandy, the puppy we adopted for Bernice to raise, is gone. Bernice did a wonderful job raising her puppy, and they both brought such joy to our lives. Now they're gone. I hope their spirits live on, together in a better place. I hope they and my parents are in a wonderful place together where Marc, Dodger and I will get to see them again someday.

For now, some photos to remember the beautiful girl we just lost.

This one really is the best. It's what I hope the girls are doing now, as my parents watch and smile!

She was about 5 years old here. She always loved the snow!

She had the most beautiful fur. When she was freshly bathed, she shined! And her coat felt like a mink!

Did I mention that she loved the snow?

She also loved playing with a ball. Here, she's challenging Patrick in his own home in Vermont!

I'll stop there for now. I don't want to overload you on photos of the beautiful girl. Besides, I can save some for another day!


Patrick said...

Our sweet princess. She and Bernice always made me feel special when they fought for my attention (Dodger made me earn his :) ). I never knew she felt the same as me about snow. Must be the Labrador in her. Sending much too all three of you fellas.

Jess said...

Good to know, Patrick! Next winter, you should come over, and we can throw snowballs for you. Do you like to chew them up after you catch them, too? ;)

Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

You mentioned her sharing "her" furniture, which instantly made me think of when she and Bernice "allowed" Averie to sit between them on the couch. So much love. Sweet Princess. Oh, and the amazingly sweet lovies I got from her when I sat on your living room floor. She came right over and wanted ALL my attention. Oh my heart. Hard not to give it all away.

Jess said...

Good memories, Pua. I miss our little girl so much!

Patrick said...

If you think it will help you with the healing process, then I will happily chew on snowballs after you've pelted me with them. I'll even run around on all fours if that's necessary. That's just the kind of friend I am.

Bill asked me to send his condolences too. We've been seeing lots of dogs that look like his Gallagher lately.

Jess said...

Patrick, it was never about the pelting. You would need to catch them in your mouth, chew them up in about a second, letting the pieces drop to the ground, and then look at me as if you say, "come on, is that the best you can do?" :)

And please tell Bill we send our thanks for the condolences. I gather Gallagher had a similar look to Mandy's?