Saturday, April 02, 2011

Nice is nice!

After the flower market, we walked back to our hotel. It wasn't too close by, but any walk through old Nice is lovely. Here are some shots along the way:

Lots and lots of mopeds in the south of France!

Click on this to check out the sign in the back window! That made me chuckle.

I could have grabbed a book and sat in front of one of Nice's fountains all day!

There are several (seven, I think) of these statues on poles around the square. They light up at night (but I don't have a shot of that--sorry!).

These guys were kind of part Native American, part Yanni on the pan flute. Whatever they were going for, they made a pleasant sound that carried a long way in the stone-covered squares.

Those tracks (you can see them in one of the above shots, too) are for a light rail system that runs through the area. Like much of Europe, the transport options are far better than ours!

I think you could walk along these streets, eat at a different place every day and never run out!

Check out the coloring on that building on the left!

Next up: Lyon!


ATG said...

Looks heavenly...

Will said...

Delightful, but I'm looking forward to your take on Lyon -- one of my favorite cities

Jess said...

Angie: It is!

Will: Coming soon!

Luuworld said...

looks like a cool place! i have this love/hate relationship with france so i'm not sure if i'll ever go again. haha. but nice looks nice! :)

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Quick! Let's sell those Bebe t-shirts...!

Jess said...

Luu: it sure is! You really need to get over that issue! The people sometimes can be a pain (except for my French cousins) :) but the country is amazing!

Todd: Great idea!