Friday, March 18, 2011

Back to France

I'm such a bad blogger these days. But I love my blog. So let's get back to the flower market in Nice!

I look at this and imagine living there and doing my food shopping in this market.

Yummy tomatoes!

Check out these beautiful avocados!

Just looking at these makes my mouth water!

The famous Socca stand

Famous? Well, so it seems. Every travel show we watched while preparing for the trip showed this stand.

So how was it? Dunno. We didn't have any. Maybe another time. :)


Greg said...

Oh, even better than Trader Joe's! Look at those lovely tomatoes!

(*eyebrows* "And the produce isn't half bad, either...")

ATG said...

Wow...those tomatoes are beautiful! A daily trip to the market would definitely be in order.

Jess said...

Greg: Oy vey. :)

Angie: Yup. And everything was so fresh... the smells were amazing!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Great shots all!

Jess said...

Thanks, Todd!