Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some snowstorm photos

I'm taking a break from the France photos to share a few shots I took after one of our recent snowstorms. For this late January storm, I got up early and was out with the snowblower a little after 6am. I cleared our walks and the walks of our neighbors on either side. I also started our cars, so they'd warm up and the windows would be easier to clear. Then I went back in and got the camera as Marc came out to clear the piles of snow off of the cars. Here are a few of the photos I shot:

You can see how deep the snow had gotten

Here, you can see my path continued out to the corner--and I also went up to the steps of the neighbor's house

And off towards the neighbor on the other side

And my favorite photo is the last one. Not because it's Marc cleaning off the cars, but because of the mood and lighting...

I really think this one's worth clicking on!

Okay, back to the nice, warm south of France for the next post! :)


The Roving Ranter said...

It looks so white and innocent until it threatens to choke us to death or prevent us from leaving our homes. Great pics! And Marc in the headlights was cool ... the snow looks almost lavender in some places.

tornwordo said...

Looks like our place now. It's dumping snow as I type, can you hear my sighing from there?

Jess said...

TRR: it's interesting what the early light, combined with streetlights, headlights, houselights, etc., will do to the colors.

torn: I can relate to that sigh!

ATG said...

The last one is amazing. For some reason I find it reminiscent of National Geographic. :)

Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

I clicked on every one I could click on..and I agree with ATG; the last one of Marc is very reminiscent of Nat'l Geo. I love it. I'm also quite partial to the one of the kids sitting in the doorway watching Daddies work. If I had to live where it snowed like that again, I would definitely want to be your next door neighbor. You are so kind to clear their walks as well as your own. Also, listening to a Polynesian woman shoveling snow would literally curl your ears. It's not at all ladylike.

Jess said...

Angie: Interesting observation. I'll have to share that with Marc.

Pua: Funny that you mention that. They're safer in there, but they do love the snow (they bound into the back yard when they see snow). Plus, anything we're doing is of interest to them. :) If you manage to move in next door to us, I'll clear the snow for you--unless we can get that cute surferboy of yours to do it! ;)