Sunday, January 23, 2011

I know it's winter, but this is ridiculous

The weather forecast says tonight's low temperature will be 2 degrees Fahrenheit. That's horrible. And dangerous for anyone caught out in it.

Last night, when I put the dogs out, it was 11 degrees, and even that was too cold for them. We went out when I got home from dinner with friends, and one of Bernice's back legs cramped up so severely that she did a 3-legged hop back in. I massaged it for her as soon as we got inside, and she was okay.

Later, when we did our last outing of the night, Dodger went to the back of the yard to do his business, but when he was done, he stopped partway back and was panicked. He was holding up one front paw, trying to put it down repeatedly and looking at me to clearly convey that touching the ground was painful (and he was scared and confused, which is something no doggy ever should have to endure!). I felt so horrible and was somewhat panicked for him. So I ran across the yard, scooped him up in my arms and carried him back in. Then when we got inside, I told him it was okay (and it was--he seems none the worse for wear). I felt so bad for him! He really didn't expect what was out there or know what to do.

Anyhow, I'm being extra careful with them tonight, and I shared what happened with Marc (he was out of town for a few days and is back now), so he'll watch them, too.

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ATG said...

Poor pups! I'm so glad you were there to grab him and bring him in. Too too cold.