Saturday, April 24, 2010

First day in France

It's late here (almost midnight), and we have an early start tomorrow, so I can't write much. But I wanted to assure all of my readers (yes, both of you) that we're having a fabulous time in France. Our OpenSkies flight was late but otherwise fine. We arrived at Orly, got our rental car and headed out. We stopped at a rest stop on the way for a sandwich you'd never find at an American rest stop :) and then finished our trip here (Chenonceaux). We're at the lovely Hotel La Roseraie, a charming little place (at a very reasonable price). The proprietors are very friendly, and the room is nicely appointed and quite comfortable!

For dinner, we went to a little local place up the block, called Au Gateau Breton. They spoke French there (quelle surprise!), but we speak enough to get by. The meal was absolutely amazing! The tastes were out of this world, and everything was so fresh! Also, the total for a meal with appetizers, main course, cheese course (I don't like strong cheeses, but they worked with me and gave me some delicious selections that were "pas forte," as I requested in my broken French), dessert and coffee was 46.40 euros for both of us (about $62). For this kind of meal, that's dirt cheap!

I'd like to write more, but we really do need to get back to our room (the wi-fi in this 285-year-old hotel can't penetrate the walls--that darn quality contruction from the early 1700s!--so we have to sit in the bar area to use the computer).

Okay, time to call it a night. BTW, I haven't taken a single photo so far, but I'm sure I'll get one or two before we're done! :) Goodnight!

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