Saturday, February 06, 2010

The problem with Facebook

Facebook has a lot going for it, no question. I certainly have spent enough time on there. But there are problems.

For one thing, lots of people tend to seek one out on Facebook. These people include current friends, as well as people from college and high school (many of whom weren't even real friends back then) and even a few family members. Now, this blog certainly isn't private; anyone can view it. Still, it's not my full name hanging out there, and the various high school and college people aren't following me on here. For any who are, they've chosen to go along for the ride that is this blog. That includes everything from our travels to rugby to sex.

Speaking of sex, I recently was reminded of the perils of Facebook when I made a sex-related comment in my status; something about a great bath... I wrote that "I was going to say the bath 'didn't suck' but that wouldn't be quite accurate" or words to that effect.

That's it. I may not remember the wording exactly right, but it wasn't any more explicit than that. And that got me a note from someone I knew in college who felt it was "TMI." Rather than get into a debate, I just deleted it.

I haven't been blogging enough, and that's one more reminder of the value of this blog. If you visit this blog, you know I may rant about politics, post some photos, talk about sex (even in graphic detail) or go on about just about anything else.

If I want to talk about the fabulous sex Marc and I had this morning when he got me hard and slid his hot, tight ass down on me, I will. I don't want to worry about one of the 258 "friends" on Facebook getting upset (speaking of that "friends" list, I may trim it a little).

Facebook serves a purpose, but I still need a place to share whatever I want!

Speaking of sharing, how about something nice? Friends and long-time blog readers will recall that Marc and I are supporters of LIGALY and the LI GLBT Network. They just launched a new ad campaign, aimed largely at confronting HIV in the African-American community but also meant to fight homophobia by increasing awareness in our suburban communities.

James, a friend and LIGALY staff member, sent me a photo he'd snapped of one of the ads on a railroad trestle (they're also on Long Island Railroad platforms and the sides of buses)...

Click on the photo for a better view!

In case any of it is hard to read in the photo, it says, "I am gay... and this is where I stay, pray & play. We have always been a part of this community."

It's a simple message, but it's a great message. I love it, and I really loved the first time I saw a bus go by with it on there, big as life.


ATG said...

That is a great ad campaign. :)

Great sex too! ;)

Jess said...

Thanks, Angie. When it comes to sex, you know it's all about you! Or, well, it would be, if not for the gay thing. ;)

And yes, I love the ad campaign. The message is simple but important. It has the power to really make people think and wrap their minds around the simple concept of equality.

Tuna Girl said...

I agree about Facebook. Of course, I have two Facebook profiles, one for my blog readers and one for the real me. So often I wish to merge the two. I'm not sure why it is so hard for me. Almost all of my blog reader "friends" are real life friends too. *shrug*

ANYWAY, I agree. Even if I have no readers left, my blog is still there for me.

Patrick said...

Ah, so that was the 'TMI' issue. Yes, I've been found by several high school, even junior high school acquaintances (and some people who actually WERE friends back then, but not for more than twenty years) and so far none of them have seen my homo content and gotten the vapors... I'm glad you have a place to share your dirty, filthy, hell-bound thoughts. :) At some point I also realized the blog was all about me, and people were welcome to visit if they wanted, or move on if not. I had to refresh my memory on that count when strangers started showing up (seriously? Why do these people want to read me? They don't know me at all!) but I did.

Love the simple, direct statement of the LIGALLY ad campaign. Very effective, I bet.

Luuworld said...

you do posts about sex?! where?! omg i've missed out! lol :-D

Greg said...

That really IS a cool ad campaign. That's great to see riding by on a bus, I bet.

Please, Jess, write about whatever comes to mind. We'll be there to read, or politely avert our gaze, as appropriate.

: )

Jess said...

Thanks, all!

Karen: Interesting idea... two FB profiles. Of course, I have enough trouble keeping up with one, so maybe it's better for me this way!

Patrick: I'm sure you'll be seeing more of the campaign at the Gala! Hope you're looking forward to it; it should be great!

Luu: Well, not that much or too explicitly, but I do from time to time. When you come visit, I'm sure there will be plenty to write about, you hottie! ;)

Greg: The best part is that the ads have been up for a while and, not that I hear from every segment of society, but I haven't heard a negative thing said yet. Also, I was braced for grafitti, etc., and all of the ones I've seen remain in perfect shape. Nice to see!

Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

First of the HELL did I miss this post?

Second; Sweetie I know just how you feel and lately I'm feeling a bit bound and gagged lately. Which has now become a blog entry, along with a FB entry with MANY X's next to "Allow Only Friends Except....". It's sometimes tiresome and tedious, but there's just some people on FB that I don't want seeing my blog OR some notes. Like when I get Charlie hard and I slide my hot...well okay you get it. ::wink::

Third; ::looking at Karen::: Huh?
The "real" you? WhatchutalkinboutWillis?

Jess said...

Pua, honey, Charlie is a lucky man!

The Roving Ranter said...

Love the candor, dude ... as always. And I AM gonna work through all your posts one of these days. And you know my solution ... a very diluted Facebook page and two blogs to help me share both my funny side and my filthy memories. And like Luuworld, I wanna find the sex posts!! LOL

Jess said...

RR: keep reading! :)