Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NYE photos

And now, for your entertainment, here are a few photos from our New Year's Eve party...

Matt and John

Isn't John's tiara lovely?

Marc and John pose together

Yacov was there, and a good thing! What party is complete without a gay Orthodox rabbi?

Greg (Yacov's partner), Yacov, me and Marc

There were some other guests, but those are the only photos I got.

We had a great time!

Oh, by the way, you can't really see Greg's hotness in the photo above (although I'm pretty sure Yacov likes that look, and that's what really matters), so I stole this photo from Greg's Facebook page:

Honestly, that's not even the greatest shot of him. You can't really see his beautiful eyes (or beautiful thighs). When Greg first appeared on the rugby pitch, I heard a fair amount of "WHO IS THAT?!"

Really, he's a great guy. If he were ugly, we'd still adore him. That he's so hot is just a bonus!

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Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

Happy New Year Boys! I totally thought I posted a comment on this entry as soon as you posted it. I must have been distracted by Greg.