Friday, August 28, 2009

Labradog blogging

Tonight, I decided to remove the lens from my camera, lock the mirror in the up position and clean the sensor using air blown from a Giotto Rocket. After doing that, I wanted to test the camera--you know, to make sure I didn't do something wonderful like damage the sensor. (This is an accepted way to clean the sensor, so I didn't think I was taking a big risk, but I needed to check after I was done to be sure.)

Needing a subject to photograph, I was happy to see Mandy come over and volunteer. Not that she's a cooperative subject, but I had to make do! ;)

I love this one

Yeah, that's all I've got, but keep your crosses fingered... there's rugby this weekend! Unfortunately, there's also some very nasty weather in our area, so we may not get there. Still, if there's enough of a break in the rain, we may try to get to the tournament and get a few photos.


Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

Love the first one of the Princess. So crystal clear, I could kiss it. Have I mentioned how I miss her, her sister, and her brother? Okay well, her dads too!

Greg said...

She looks like a fairly willing subject to me, not to mention charmingly beautiful!