Thursday, April 27, 2006

They've got to be kidding

Just when I thought members of the U.S. Congress couldn't be a bigger bunch of useless phonies comes this crap. $100 rebate checks to offset higher gas costs? And let's try to sneak through drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge while we're at it.

I suppose it's too much to expect them to take real steps to foster energy alternatives.

The United States Congress: the best representation money can buy (today's money brought to you by the big oil companies).


Andy said...

Boozhy crunched the numbers and realized this would amount to approximately a $12.5 billion rebate. I don't even own a car. Imagine what they could do with TWELVE BILLION DOLLARS, and instead they want to buy everyone 1-2 tanks of gas, depending on what they drive. Oh, and yeah, they want to dig up Alaska. I hate them SO much.

Will said...

It's the old Roman policy of "bread and circuses" all over again. Remember Bush's $300 tax rebate for every household--on which we were immediately taxed? They're banking that the average American will think, "oh, great, Bush gave us something!" and forget all the s**t he's throwing at us otherwise.

The pathetic thing is that's exactly what will happen.

epicurist said...

LOL - sorry I had to laugh at that!

Sangroncito said...

This is a disgusting way to avoid the real issue with some "feel-good" crumbs. Where is the committment to conservation and investment in alternative engery sources?